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Tired of waiting for quotes and signing up to accounts just to buy Rubber Cables?

 It is extremely frustrating to be forced to setup an account just to see how much a company is selling its Rubber cable for and even then are you getting a good rate?

The Rubber Cable industry has not caught up with the rest of the world in terms of offering transparent Rubber Cable prices to the trade.

 Here at we have tried to address the balance by offering the highest quality Rubber cables at prices that are fair and compete with other online retailers who other a lesser product.  

 So you have come here to check out our Rubber Cable Range H05RN, H07RN, H05RR and others. If your tired of reading and just want to buy Rubber cable now then click the below icon.

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If you want to use some of that time you have saved by not having to wait for a quote or sign up to see our prices then please read on.

 Can I have Quality Rubber Cable but at an affordable price?

 Why should I choose Lapp Products over other branded or unbranded cables?

 Lapp Rubber Cable includes H07RN, H05RN, H05RR and is probably the best regarded cable company in the world. It’s reputation is based on one key factor. Quality

 The key reason we are selling Lapp Rubber Cables is it’s quality. We are yet to find a comparable rubber cable product with such an extensive range of Rubber cables available with consistent quality on all of these products. Other Lapp Rubber Cables include H01N2, H07ZZ, NSGAFOU, NSHXAFO and often available next day.

Lapp is highly spec’d in to projects and machines because of the confidence it brings to the engineers and clients in its functionality and reliability. Contractors use it as they know they won’t have to come back due to failures or poor connections.

So you know the quality and reliability is good but you can buy another Rubber Cable product for cheaper.

 Well we can’t compete with non-complaint or sub-standard products but offers you the opportunity to get a superior Rubber Cable at a comparable price. As the saying goes, you put garbage in you get garbage out so why buy garbage when you can have quality!

 So why

We are a UK based small company who operate solely online. We have forged a relationship with a large cable manufacturer to allow us to offer fast, free delivery of quality cables at affordable prices. We are also happy to offer alternatives to others branded cables or advice on what product is most suited to your needs and we can’t be beaten on quality.

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