Rubber Cables | H01N2-D | H05RR-F | H07RN-F

Rubber cable give the user the advantages of both robustness and flexibility with the added advantage of being able to deal with extreme weather conditions and submergence while conforming to CENELEC and VDE regulations. Rubber cable H01N2-D, H05RR-F and H07RN-F are all available.

Here at One Click Cables we supply a wide range of the most popular rubber  cable suitable for a variety of applications from household appliance cable up to heavy duty mining and drilling cables.

H01N2-D       Flexible welding cable, rubber cable sheathed.

H05RR-F       Lightweight flexible power supply rubber sheathed cable.

H07RN-F       Heavy duty flexible power supply rubber cable.

H07ZZ-F        Low smoke halogen free flexible power supply rubber cable.

H07RN8-F     Submersible cable for temporary use in water to a depth of 10 metres.

NSGAFOU    Single core short circuit proof cable

NSHXAFO    Low smoke halogen free single core short circuit proof cable

NSSHOU       Heavy duty flexible rubber sheathed mining cable.